Out of the struggle something great is formed!

The 3dollarmommaclub!

My name is Nadia and I am a momma to 3! Just like many of you mommas it got hard for me, especially in 2020! I was pregnant working and delivered at the height of the pandemic! Also, I lost my home too! Whew! I had to leave much of my belongings behind. It was heartbreaking but for the first time ever I would have to really step out of my comfort zone and reach out to my neighbors and community. To my surprise as I was very sad the responses where overwhelming! Many people showed great gestures to myself, my babies and my whole family. It was heartwarming and it lit my way! I want to keep the torch going by making quality, affordable items available to you and your family. And I hope that these items that my family and I collected will find you and your family well and happy! Best of luck and much love XOXO to all the parents working hard every day!